The Eastern Kentucky Local-Motive Business Alliance is new organization that offers networking opportunities for locally owned businesses with the goal of supporting, promoting, and encouraging the local economy.

 We are a two component program for locally owned, place based businesses and consumers. The first component is the business alliance, which provides services such as regional branding, joint promotions, training and research for local businesses. The second is the forth coming Appalachian Marketplace, a B2B Model, which creates connections between businesses and can generate additional business opportunities.

 We serve not only local businesses, but consumers and the entire community. We believe the power to boost the local economy comes from within the community and that by working together, we can make it happen



Eastern Kentucky Local-Motive was created by a partnership between the Estill Development Alliance, the University of Kentucky Appalachian Center and BALLE (Business Alliance for Local Living Economies) and funded by the Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation.